Information - SĀDH


Greek born and raised, Eleftheria Nikolakopoulou is a multi talented fashion designer who combines the traditional Greek knitting techniques, to the local artistry she meets at her travels around the world and the unique essence of contemporary fashion, into exquisite collections of handmade resortwear.

Her collections are stocked at some of the most unique boutiques around the globe, building an international clientele who seek after the nomadic style, the cultural heritage and the fashion forward elements.

Her customers could be lounging in the Mediterranean, partying in New York or dancing in a Greek traditional «panigyri», as they all share the same passion for freedom of expression in all aspects of life.

As Eleftheria often says, “Sādh is all about healing and completing circles, like in the crochet technique each stitch is completed before the next one is begun”.

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